Sherre Wellins, Psychic  and Intuitive Astrologer

As each person goes through life, the events of that life are recorded. Every thought, words spoken, actions taken or not, are recorded with the universal mind. Astrology is a long established method of exploring ourselves, our relationships and our place within the world. It works by taking a look at planetary relationships operating at a certain time and place, and how they direct their energetic influences on our environment, our emotions, our choices for actions. The art of astrology lies, at the most profound levels, in the meaningful interpretation of those powerful human archetypes that come from the relationship of the heavenly bodies with the energy of the signs. In other words, As Above, So Below.

Sherre L. Wellins is a psychic and intuitive who uses Tarot, Numerology, and Astrology to deliver messages concerning all the areas of life. She believes that all things in our universe are intimately and deeply connected. With over 15 years of experience giving readings in Orlando and worldwide, Sherre Wellins combines accurate Astrological data along with psychic and intuitive abilities to generate a psychological, economic, soul path or predictive profile for you. She specializes in revealing people’s soul paths and karmic lessons as the motivator for making the best choices.

Sherre’s gifts allow an accurate psychic reading combined with astrological information to become a life changing experience for you. To view all the services offered or make an appointment with Sherre, visit the Readings page.


Sherre L Wellins, ADLM, CHT
Palm Coast, FL, USA